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Trust us for getting freshest range of food items like Shakkar Para, Gulab Jamoon, 250 gm Masala Almond, etc.
About Us

The uniform development of our company, Tastybelly Foods Private Limited is attributed to our engagement towards providing the highest quality of food products in the market. We started our journey in the year 2021 and have successfully expanded to become a well-known manufacturer and supplier of a tasty assortment of food items. Gulab Jamoon, 100 gm Garam Masala For Non-Veg, 250 gm Masala Cashew, 250 gm Chivda Mixture, 250 gm Moong Dal Halwa, 250 gm Dry Dal Kachori, and many more delicious products are available in our big assortment. Our products are all prepared using high-quality raw materials, resulting in their exceptional quality. Furthermore, in order to win the full trust of customers, we make sure to adopt ethical business practices.

Our History

It all began when three friends, Mohit Srivastava, Seshagiri Rao Bhamidipati, and RamSarma Nandula, moved to Bengaluru in the 1980s. Mohit discovered that there were no sweet stores in Bengaluru that provide high-quality products. Such were the days when he would get the recipe from his mother in the hometown via a letter and send it to his wife anytime he missed those flavours. Mohit was encouraged by Seshagiri to open a sweet store using the recipe of his family. Little Chef and Little Bites was the name of the modest sweet business Mohit started in the locality, where he sold traditional, homemade, delectable sweets as well as namkeens. Soon after, he decided to invest in a new range of sweets, masalas, namkeens and pickles to sell in Bengaluru. Sheshagiri met Mohit one day and offered him a few strategic suggestions for expanding the brand and growing its market share. It was a wonderful strategy, and they instantly vowed to work together to make it happen. RamSarma took interest in the project and wanted to work alongside to make it a tremendous success. In 2020, Tastybelly Foods Private Limited created the Meetho brand to continue their development trajectory. RamSarma Nandula and Seshagiri Rao worked relentlessly to build the firm, inspired by their friend Mohit Srivastava. Their unwavering commitment to excellence guaranteed that their popularity and demand increase. Presently, the largest issue at Meetho brand, according to Mohit Srivastava is sustaining quality. At all times, our priority is to preserve quality and flavour. They understand that in order for the brand to flourish, all employees must offer their best. According to Seshagiri, we have introduced Masala goods, South Indian breakfast, and Instant Premix items to our product range, all of which are made with organic ingredients. Residents of Bengaluru have been purchasing a box of trademarked Meetho Rasgulla as well as Kala Jamun. In fact, it is not at all uncommon to see consumers waiting for their orders place through the Meetho App, which are delivered in the food truck of their brand.

Why Choose Us?

The intensely competitive food industry can be difficult for businesses but we have grown remarkably with the help of following factors:

  • We sell our products at the most reasonable prices.
  • We satisfy the demands of customers with the best food products.
  • We maintain a hygienic & properly sanitized work environment.
  • We offer only high-quality food products like 250 gm Chivda Mixture, 250 gm Dry Dal Kachori, Gulab Jamoon, 250 gm Masala Cashew, 250 gm Moong Dal Halwa, etc.
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